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House music

Well it's been so long wince I posted on here, but I thought it was time! I went out last night, something I don't get to do very often. We started at my house for a girls night in, that changed. 

  By the time we got to town the bar we usually go to was so packed we wouldn't even get in last night, so we headed to the next bar, which was super quiet and nearly empty! We were so confused! Until we walked in. They were playing house music, and it all sounded like it was from the 80's/90's, unless that is just how house music sounds and then it could have been put out yesterday and I would never know. I'm sorry, but unless I've choreographed a dance to a tune, then there and better be words, and I can sing along to them. I even tried to go request a song, a a rather popular song as well, top of the charts today. The DJ said "That's not my jam, I strictly carry house." UUUUrrrmmm ok, I hope u like not getting hired, and getting complaints. I wracked my brain for something he might have, I thought maybe old Daft Punk. No he looked confused and then asked if I meant Da Foqu (or how ever it's spelled). That's when I just gave up. 

  Tried to dance, mostly just felt like a knob jumping about in my high heels, and then went home after a guy poured his desperados down my shirt "by accident". I wasn't mad but I was wet and stinky. 


Yay for girls night out, boo on house music!!!

Lots of Love: Amanda xx

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