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I love snow, alot! I am sure it is bizarre, but I love shovelling snow, playing in snow, building stuff with snow, watching it fall, all of it, everything. Soooooo I've gone a bit "Elf" on my house. You know when he decorated the inside of the store he hides in overnight? Yea, that's me. I've cut out about 30 snowflakes so far and have many more to go. I'll be wrapping fake presents and might make that silly cardboard Christmas tree off of Facebook, to keep my kids from fucking about with the proper one in the living room!

  Any how, we have no snow, I live in freaking Scotland, the place that all of my friend in England claimed had wicked winters that lasted ages. Even though the middle of England has snow, we have none, except on the caps of course.  Come on frosty, bring me the white stuff! 

Love and Hugs - Amanda

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