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Well folks, I thought I should probably tell you something funny, but since I am not funny, here is an excerpt from my week thus far instead.

  My oldest son says hi to literally everyone that walks by/near us, including people across the street. He then turns to me and asks (every time) "That very polite, mommy?" Telling my son that when I say "good morning" to a stranger is the polite thing to do, was possibly the worst thing I've ever done, because everyone gets to know that he is being polite when he yells "HI" across the street to a complete stranger. This morning we were late and that means there were a lot more people out and about, hence it was a very embarrassing morning of many polite "hi"s from my darling 4 year old, and many quiet "Yes sweety, that was polite, but lets not say hi to everyone." from me. 

  That's my blurb for today. Enjoy it and if a 4 year old yells hi across the street at you, don't look over, that mother is probably crawling into a hole and dieing inside. -_- And is me. 

Love and Hugs - Amanda


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